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     Status (V1.3, 2.x, 3.x internal) 

          Status - Display the currently running CLI processes.

          Status tasknum [FULL] [TCB] [CLI=ALL] [COMMAND=COM]

            The most common use of Status is to find what 
        background processes are still executing, this can be in 
        preparation to sending them a signal with Break, or to 
        find out if all your programs are completed before 
        turning off the computer.  The various options to this 
        command display information which may or may not be 
        useful, depending on your needs.  The default behavior of 
        Status is to display the CLI numbers and names of all 
        currently active processes. You can get information on a 
        specific process by typing Status .

            You can also find out if a specific command is 
        executing using the COMMAND keyword.  This can be useful 
        in scripts, since if the command is NOT found, the WARN 
        fail level will be set.  Otherwise, a 0 fail level is 
        returned.  This is useful with shells that support 
        command substitution to do things like send BREAK codes 
        to processes.


            The number of the task which STATus is to report on. 
        If tasknum is not specified, all active tasks are 

            Displays all the information normally reported by 
        STATUS if both the TCB and ALL were both specified. This 
        keyword is completely optional.

            This displays all information concerning stack size, 
        global vector size, and priority of all system tasks. 
        This keyword is completely optional too.

        CLI or ALL
            Specifying these keywords forces STATUS to report of 
        the status of all the CLI tasks.  This is the same as 
        running Status without any keywords. The CLI and ALL are 

        COMMAND or COM
            Added with 1.3, this prints the task number of the 
        CLI from which the 'filename' program was run. This lets 
        you send a break to a program using a script file. A 
        return code of 5 (Warn)is returned if that command is not 

          1. To find out everything about all executing

               Status FULL

          2. Here is an example using command substitution that
             will send a break to the process executing the
             ClockPtr command:

                  Break `Status Command ClockPtr`

            Note that the above assumes you are using 2.x/3.x's 
        backtick function.  You might find it interesting to 
        compare this example with the more complex one given for 

                  STATUS >ram:temp COMMAND ClockPtr
                  BREAK NIL: ?
                  DELETE ram:temp

        Both of these accomplish the same thing!

20050409155750 - Lorence Lombardo - for (AmigaDOS/Status)
      I am trying to do the equivalent to a status/break in
blitz. Does any one know how to do this ? If so do you have a 
small example ?

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