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Full keyword list in SDL (172 keywords)

SDLKey SDL_ActiveEvent SDL_AddTimer SDL_AudioCVT
SDL_AudioSpec SDL_BlitSurface SDL_BuildAudioCVT SDL_CD
SDL_CDClose SDL_CDEject SDL_CDName SDL_CDNumDrives
SDL_CDOpen SDL_CDPause SDL_CDPlay SDL_CDPlayTracks
SDL_CDResume SDL_CDStatus SDL_CDStop SDL_CDtrack
SDL_CloseAudio SDL_Color SDL_CondBroadcast SDL_CondSignal
SDL_CondWait SDL_CondWaitTimeout SDL_ConvertAudio SDL_ConvertSurface
SDL_CreateCond SDL_CreateCursor SDL_CreateMutex SDL_CreateRGBSurface
SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom SDL_CreateSemaphore SDL_CreateThread SDL_CreateYUVOverlay
SDL_Delay SDL_DestroyCond SDL_DestroyMutex SDL_DestroySemaphore
SDL_DisplayFormat SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha SDL_DisplayYUVOverlay SDL_EnableKeyRepeat
SDL_EnableUNICODE SDL_Event SDL_EventState SDL_FillRect
SDL_Flip SDL_FreeCursor SDL_FreeSurface SDL_FreeWAV
SDL_FreeYUVOverlay SDL_GL_GetAttribute SDL_GL_GetProcAddress SDL_GL_LoadLibrary
SDL_GL_SetAttribute SDL_GL_SwapBuffers SDL_GLattr SDL_GetAppState
SDL_GetAudioStatus SDL_GetClipRect SDL_GetCursor SDL_GetEventFilter
SDL_GetGamma SDL_GetGammaRamp SDL_GetKeyName SDL_GetKeyState
SDL_GetModState SDL_GetMouseState SDL_GetRGB SDL_GetRGBA
SDL_GetRelativeMouseState SDL_GetThreadID SDL_GetTicks SDL_GetVideoInfo
SDL_GetVideoSurface SDL_Init SDL_InitSubSystem SDL_JoyAxisEvent
SDL_JoyBallEvent SDL_JoyButtonEvent SDL_JoyHatEvent SDL_JoystickClose
SDL_JoystickEventState SDL_JoystickGetAxis SDL_JoystickGetBall SDL_JoystickGetButton
SDL_JoystickGetHat SDL_JoystickIndex SDL_JoystickName SDL_JoystickNumAxes
SDL_JoystickNumBalls SDL_JoystickNumButtons SDL_JoystickNumHats SDL_JoystickOpen
SDL_JoystickOpened SDL_JoystickUpdate SDL_KeyboardEvent SDL_KillThread
SDL_ListModes SDL_LoadBMP SDL_LoadWAV SDL_LockAudio
SDL_LockSurface SDL_LockYUVOverlay SDL_MapRGB SDL_MapRGBA
SDL_MixAudio SDL_MouseButtonEvent SDL_MouseMotionEvent SDL_NumJoysticks
SDL_OpenAudio SDL_Overlay SDL_Palette SDL_PauseAudio
SDL_PeepEvents SDL_PixelFormat SDL_PollEvent SDL_PumpEvents
SDL_PushEvent SDL_Quit SDL_QuitEvent SDL_QuitSubSystem
SDL_RWFromFile SDL_Rect SDL_RemoveTimer SDL_ResizeEvent
SDL_SaveBMP SDL_SemPost SDL_SemTryWait SDL_SemValue
SDL_SemWait SDL_SemWaitTimeout SDL_SetAlpha SDL_SetClipRect
SDL_SetColorKey SDL_SetColors SDL_SetCursor SDL_SetEventFilter
SDL_SetGamma SDL_SetGammaRamp SDL_SetModState SDL_SetPalette
SDL_SetTimer SDL_SetVideoMode SDL_ShowCursor SDL_Surface
SDL_SysWMEvent SDL_ThreadID SDL_UnlockAudio SDL_UnlockSurface
SDL_UnlockYUVOverlay SDL_UpdateRect SDL_UpdateRects SDL_UserEvent
SDL_VideoDriverName SDL_VideoInfo SDL_VideoModeOK SDL_WM_GetCaption
SDL_WM_GrabInput SDL_WM_IconifyWindow SDL_WM_SetCaption SDL_WM_SetIcon
SDL_WM_ToggleFullScreen SDL_WaitEvent SDL_WaitThread SDL_WarpMouse
SDL_WasInit SDL_keysym SDL_mutexP SDL_mutexV

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Added XML2 group.

AmigaE and AmiSSL (created with "pod4fd2adoc") functions groups added.

Added function groups CyberGFX, CyberGL, BGUI, Miami.
Updated MUI group (+800 entrys!)

Engine on new location.
published with authorization from Lajos Nagy, Thanx Louise!

SDL function group added.

A new version of GCC HardFile uploaded!
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Example program list added.
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Picasso96 functions added.
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Function cache added.
Warp3D functions added.

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Over 4200 keywords in the database!

Upload history added.
Posts history added.
Forum for all functions added!
AmiTCP v4.3 commands with full
bsdsocket.library and RPC
functions added.
Cross searching in all function

New crosslinker search
engine with a little bit
corrected result
New List Viewer with tables.
AmigaOS group updated with
official NDK3.9.
Crosslinking with includes and
libraries added in AmigaOS and
Geekgadgets groups.

Advanced viewer engine
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manual page is crosslinked
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New logo by Emeric/SH
Site TODO expanded.

Example code upload and
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News functions like
GeekGadgets (glibc), MUI,
base C keywords added.

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Start of development...


- example codes for all
functions (with help of
- more programmer documentation
- links collection for Amiga
developer sites
- e-mail collection of active
Amiga developers
- downloadable compilers
- the site will run on Amiga!
- WEB-based C/Pascal/AmigaE compilers for
m68k code generation!
- AREXX functions help
- BOOPSI gadget and other functions
- ixemul functions help
- libnix functions help
- Miami functions help
- CyberGFX functions help
- CyberGL functions help
- Amiga E functions help
- Rebol functions help
- PowerD functions
- Sonic functions
- your ideas...

Last 15 uploaded Examples:

20071229151342 AmiSSL/X509_STORE_CTX_cleanup
20070708011052 GeekGadgets/getlogin
20060705053954 AmigaOS/OpenWorkbenchObjectA
20050801035639 SDL/SDL_Surface
20050727092732 BlitzBasic/LSL
20050718102843 SDL/SDL_WarpMouse
20050718072844 GeekGadgets/fread
20050714051528 SDL/SDL_ActiveEvent
20050714051514 SDL/SDL_ActiveEvent
20050701171401 GeekGadgets/errno
20050701171347 GeekGadgets/errno
20050627101951 SDL/SDL_FreeSurface
20050623152729 GeekGadgets/fork
20050619153102 GeekGadgets/tcdrain
20050615182849 AmigaOS/OpenScreen

Last 25 posts:

20050613235812 SDL/SDL_SetGammaRamp
20050526065000 AmiTCP/unistd.h
20050413041558 AmiSSL/X509_STORE_set_default_paths
20050409155750 AmigaDOS/Status
20050129230614 MUI/Calendar.mcc
20050128185620 GeekGadgets/hstrerror
20041126154558 BlitzBasic/LoadBank
20041123170704 GeekGadgets/gcvt
20041105222909 AmigaOS/CheckSignal
20040712190839 SDL/SDL_SetVideoMode
20040627090529 SDL/SDL_Init
20040519133228 GeekGadgets/fork
20040407124555 AmigaOS/AllocMem
20040403101120 GeekGadgets/inet_ntoa
20040327172814 GeekGadgets/random
20040327172714 GeekGadgets/srandom
20040313211937 BlitzBasic/ANALYZEDISK
20040303135237 GeekGadgets/mktemp
20040301131355 GeekGadgets/realpath
20040301123615 GeekGadgets/gcvt
20040301114000 GeekGadgets/htonl
20040301100209 GeekGadgets/realpath
20040229095437 GeekGadgets/time
20040211132618 GeekGadgets/getpid
20040209102818 AmigaOS/OpenWindow


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