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Full keyword list in GeekGadgets (1425 keywords)

Inet_LnaOf Inet_NetOf Inet_NtoA IoctlSocket
ReleaseCopyOfSocket ReleaseSocket
SetErrnoPtr SetSocketSignals
__fbufsize __flbf __fpending __fpurge
__freadable __freading __fsetlocking __fwritable
__fwriting __setfpucw _flushlbf _llseek
_newselect _sysctl
a.out.h a_if.h a_ioctl.h abort
abs accept access accesscontrol.c
accesscontrol.h acct acct.h acos
acosh addmntent adjtimex af.h
afs_syscall alarm all_includes.c all_includes.h
alloca allocdatabuffer.c allocdatabuffer.h alphasort
amiga_api.c amiga_api.h amiga_api_protos.h amiga_config.c
amiga_config.h amiga_cstat.c amiga_errlists.c amiga_generic.c
amiga_generic.h amiga_generic2.c amiga_includes.h amiga_libcallentry.h
amiga_libcalls.c amiga_libtables.c amiga_log.c amiga_log.h
amiga_main.c amiga_main_protos.h amiga_netdb.c amiga_netdb.h
amiga_raf.h amiga_rexx.c amiga_rexx.h amiga_select_protos.h
amiga_sendrecv.c amiga_subr.h amiga_syscalls.c amiga_time.c
amiga_time.h amiga_time_protos.h amiga_userlib_protos.h amitcp
ansi.h apicalls.h apicalls_gnuc.h apicalls_sasc.h
ar.h arp arpa_nameser.h asctime
asin asinh asm.h asprintf
assert assert.h atan atan2
atanh atexit atof atoi
atol atoll atoq auth.h
auth_destroy auth_unix.h authnone_create authunix_create
authunix_create_default auto auto_extras.c auto_inetaddr.c
auto_netdb.c auto_nonsocket.c auto_protocols.c auto_socket.c
basename bcmp bcopy bdflush
bind bindresvport bitstring.h bootparam_prot.x
bpf.h bpfdesc.h break brk
bsdsocket bsdsocket.h bsdsocket.library_rev.h bsdsocket.library_rev.rev
bsearch bstring bstring.h btowc
btree buf.h byteorder bzero
cacheflush calloc callrpc capget
capset case catclose catgets
catopen cbrt cdefs.h ceil
ceilf ceill cfgetispeed cfgetospeed
cfmakeraw cfsetispeed cfsetospeed char
charread.h chdir chmod chown
chroot clearenv clearerr clearerr_unlocked
clnt.h clnt_broadcast clnt_call clnt_control
clnt_create clnt_destroy clnt_freeres clnt_geterr
clnt_pcreateerror clnt_perrno clnt_perror clnt_spcreateerror
clnt_sperrno clnt_sperror clntraw_create clnttcp_create
clntudp_bufcreate clntudp_create clock clone
close closedir closelog cmsg
conf.h config_var.awk config_var.c config_var.texi
confstr connect const continue
copysign cos cosh cpu.h
creat crypt ctermid ctime
ctype.h cuserid
daemon db db.h dbopen
default difftime dir.h dirent.h
dirfd dirname div dlclose
dlerror dlopen dlsym dn_comp
dn_expand do domain.h double
dprintf drand48 drem dumprestore.h
dup dup2 dysize
ecvt else encrypt endfsent
endgrent endhostent endian.h endmntent
endnetent endprotoent endpwent endrpcent
endservent endusershell endutent endutxent
enum erand48 erf erfc
err.h errno errno.h exec
exec.h execl execle execlp
execv execve execvp exit
exp expm1 extern
fabs fabsf fabsl fchdir
fchmod fchown fclose fcloseall
fcntl fcntl.h fcvt fdatasync
fdopen feclearexcept fegetenv fegetexceptflag
fegetround feholdexcept fenv feof
feof_unlocked feraiseexcept ferror ferror_unlocked
fesetenv fesetexceptflag fesetround fetestexcept
feupdateenv fflush fflush_unlocked ffs
fgetc fgetc_unlocked fgetgrent fgetpos
fgetpwent fgets fgets_unlocked fgetwc
fgetwc_unlocked fgetws fgetws_unlocked file.h
fileno fileno_unlocked filio.h finite
float float.h flock flockfile
floor floorf floorl fmod
fnmatch fnmatch.h fopen for
fork forkpty fpathconf fprintf
fpurge fputc fputc_unlocked fputs
fputs_unlocked fputwc fputwc_unlocked fputws
fputws_unlocked frame.h fread fread_unlocked
free freeaddrinfo freehostent freopen
frexp fscanf fseek fseeko
fsetpos fstat fstatfs fsync
ftell ftello ftime ftok
ftp.h ftruncate ftrylockfile fts
fts.h fts_children fts_close fts_open
fts_read fts_set ftw funlockfile
fwide fwprintf fwrite fwrite_unlocked
gai_strerror gcvt get_current_dir_name get_myaddress
getaddrinfo getc getc_unlocked getchar
getchar_unlocked getcontext getcwd getdate
getdate_r getdelim getdents getdirentries
getdomainname getdtablesize getegid getenv
geteuid getfsent getfsfile getfsspec
getgid getgrent getgrgid getgrnam
getgroups gethostbyaddr gethostbyname gethostbyname2
gethostbyname2_r gethostbyname_r gethostid gethostnamadr.c
gethostname gethtbynamadr.h getipnodebyaddr getipnodebyname
getitimer getline getloadavg getlogin
getmntent getnameinfo getnetbyaddr getnetbyname
getnetent getopt getopt_long getopt_long_only
getpagesize getpass getpeername getpgid
getpgrp getpid getppid getpriority
getprotobyname getprotobynumber getprotoent getpw
getpwent getpwnam getpwuid getresgid
getresuid getrlimit getrpcbyname getrpcbynumber
getrpcent getrpcport getrusage gets
getservbyname getservbyport getservent getsid
getsockname getsockopt gettimeofday getuid
getusershell getutent getutid getutline
getutxent getutxid getutxline getw
getwc getwc_unlocked getwchar getwchar_unlocked
getwd getxbyy.c glob glob.h
globfree glue.h gmtime gnu.a.out.h
goto gprof.h grp.h gst.h
gtty gvarargs.h
hash hasmntopt hcreate hcreate_r
hdestroy hdestroy_r herror hsearch
hsearch_r hstrerror htonl htons
icmp icmp_var.h iconv iconv_close
iconv_open idle if if.h
if_arp.h if_dl.h if_ether.h if_llc.h
if_loop_protos.h if_protos.h if_sana.h if_slvar.h
if_types.h imaxabs in.h in_cksum_protos.h
in_pcb.h in_pcb_protos.h in_proto_protos.h in_protos.h
in_systm.h in_var.h inb inb_p
index inet inet.h inet_MakeAddr
inet_addr inet_aton inet_lnaof inet_makeaddr
inet_netof inet_network inet_ntoa inet_ntop
inet_pton inetd.h infnan init.h
initgroups initstate inl inl_p
insb insl insque insw
int intro inw inw_p
ioccom.h ioctl ioctl.h ioctl_compat.h
ioctl_list ioperm iopl ios1.h
ip ip.h ip_icmp.h ip_icmp_protos.h
ip_input_protos.h ip_output_protos.h ip_var.h ipc
ipc.h iruserok isalnum isalpha
isascii isatty isblank iscntrl
isdigit isgraph isinf islower
isnan isprint ispunct isspace
isupper iswalnum iswalpha iswblank
iswcntrl iswctype iswdigit iswgraph
iswlower iswprint iswpunct iswspace
iswupper iswxdigit isxdigit ix.h
ixnet_syscall.def ixnet_syscall.h
j0 j1 jn jrand48
kern_malloc.c kern_malloc_protos.h kern_synch.c kern_synch_protos.h
kernel.h kill killpg klm_prot.x
klogctl krpc.h kvm.h
labs lchown lcong48 ldexp
ldiv lfind lgamma libexec.h
limits.h lineread.h link listen
llabs lldiv llrint llrintf
llrintl llround llroundf llroundl
llseek lo locale.h localeconv
localedef.h localtime lock lockf
log log10 log1p login_tty
logwtmp long longjmp lrand48
lrint lrintf lrintl lround
lroundf lroundl lsearch lseek
madvise makecontext makefile.bak malloc
malloc.h math-68881.h math.h mblen
mbrlen mbrtowc mbsinit mbsnrtowcs
mbsrtowcs mbstowcs mbtowc mbuf.h
memalign memccpy memchr memcmp
memcpy memfrob memmem memmove
memory.h memrchr memset mincore
mkdir mkdtemp mkfifo mknod
mkstemp mktemp mktime mlock
mlockall mman.h mmap modf
modify_ldt mount mount.h mount.x
mpool mpool.h mprotect mpx
mrand48 mremap msg.h msgctl
msgget msgop msgrcv msgsnd
msync mtio.h mtpr.h munlock
munlockall munmap my-errno.h
nameser.h nanosleep ndbm.h ndir.h
nearbyint nearbyintf nearbyintl netdb.h
netgroup.h netinfo.h netisr.h netlib_protos.h
netlink nfs.h nfs_prot.x nfsdiskless.h
nfsm_subs.h nfsmount.h nfsnode.h nfsrtt.h
nfsrvcache.h nfsservctl nfsv2.h nftw
nice nl_langinfo nlist.h nlm_prot.x
nqnfs.h nrand48 ntohl ntohs
obsolete oldfstat oldlstat oldolduname
oldstat olduname on_exit open
opendir openlog openpty outb
outb_p outl outl_p outsb
outsl outsw outw outw_p
packets.h param.h pathconf paths.h
pause pcb.h pclose perror
personality pipe pivot_root pmap.h
pmap_clnt.h pmap_getmaps pmap_getport pmap_prot.h
pmap_rmt.h pmap_rmtcall pmap_set pmap_unset
poll popen posix_memalign pow
prctl pread printf proc.h
prof profil protosw.h pselect
psignal psl.h ptrace ptrace.h
putc putc_unlocked putchar putchar_unlocked
putenv putpwent puts pututline
pututxline putw putwc putwc_unlocked
putwchar putwchar_unlocked pwd.h pwrite
qsort queue.h quotactl
radix.h radix_protos.h raise rand
random ranlib.h raw_cb.h raw_cb_protos.h
raw_ip_protos.h raw_usrreq_protos.h rcmd rcs.h
re_comp re_exec read readdir
readlink readv realloc realpath
reboot recno recv recvfrom
recvmsg reg.h regcomp regerror
regex regex.h regexec regexp.h
regfree register registerrpc remove
remque rename res_comp.c res_debug.c
res_init res_init.c res_mkquery res_mkquery.c
res_query res_query.c res_querydomain res_search
res_send res_send.c resolv.h resolv_extras.h
resolver resource.h return rewind
rewinddir rex.x rindex rint
rintf rintl rmdir rnusers.x
round roundf roundl route.h
routed.h routing rpc rpc.h
rpc_msg.h rpcv2.h rquota.x rresvport
rstat.c rstat.x rstat_proc.c rtnetlink
rtsock_protos.h ruserok rwhod.h
sana2.h sana2arp.h sana2config.h sana2errno.h
sana2request.h sana2specialstats.h sana2tags.h sbrk
scandir scanf sched_get_priority_max sched_get_priority_min
sched_getparam sched_getscheduler sched_rr_get_interval sched_setparam
sched_setscheduler sched_yield search.h seed48
seekdir select select_tut sem.h
semctl semget semop send
sendfile sendmsg sendto setbuf
setbuffer setcontext setdomainname setegid
setenv seteuid setfsent setfsgid
setfsuid setgid setgrent setgroups
sethostent sethostid sethostname setitimer
setjmp setjmp.h setkey setlinebuf
setlocale setlogmask setmntent setnetent
setpgid setpgrp setpriority setprotoent
setpwent setregid setresgid setresuid
setreuid setrlimit setrpcent setservent
setsid setsockopt setstate settimeofday
setuid setup setusershell setutent
setutxent setvbuf sgetmask sgtty.h
shm.h shmat shmctl shmdt
shmget shmop short shutdown
sigaction sigaddset sigaltstack sigblock
sigdelset sigemptyset sigfillset siggetmask
siginterrupt sigismember siglongjmp sigmask
signal signal.h signed sigpause
sigpending sigprocmask sigreturn sigsetjmp
sigsetmask sigsetops sigsuspend sigvec
sin sinh sizeof slcompress.h
sleep sm_inter.x snprintf sockargs.h
socket socket.h socket_inlines.h socket_lib.fd
socket_pragmas.h socket_protos.h socketbasetags.h socketcall
socketpair socketvar.h sockio.h spray.x
sprintf sqrt srand srand48
srandom sscanf ssetmask stab.def
stab.h stabs.h stat stat.h
statfs static stdarg stdarg.h
stdc.h stddef.h stderr stdin
stdio stdio.h stdio_ext stdlib.h
stdout stime stpcpy stpncpy
strcasecmp strcat strchr strcmp
strcoll strcpy strcspn strdup
strdupa strerror strerror_r strfmon
strfry strftime string string.h
strings.h strlen strncasecmp strncat
strncmp strncpy strndup strndupa
strnlen strpbrk strptime strrchr
strsep strsignal strspn strstr
strtod strtof strtok strtok_r
strtol strtold strtoll strtoul
strtoull struct struct.h strverscmp
strxfrm stty subr_prf.c subr_prf_protos.h
svc.h svc_auth.h svc_destroy svc_freeargs
svc_getargs svc_getcaller svc_getreq svc_getreqset
svc_register svc_run svc_sendreply svc_unregister
svcerr_auth svcerr_decode svcerr_noproc svcerr_noprog
svcerr_progvers svcerr_systemerr svcerr_weakauth svcfd_create
svcraw_create svctcp_create svcudp_bufcreate svcudp_create
swab swapcontext swapoff swapon
switch swprintf symlink sync
synch.h syscall.def syscall.h syscalls
sysconf sysctl sysexits.h sysfs
sysinfo syslimits.h syslog syslog.h
system systm.h
talkd.h tan tanh tcdrain
tcflow tcflush tcgetattr tcgetpgrp
tcp tcp.h tcp_debug.h tcp_debug_protos.h
tcp_fsm.h tcp_input_protos.h tcp_output_protos.h tcp_seq.h
tcp_subr_protos.h tcp_timer.h tcp_timer_protos.h tcp_usrreq_protos.h
tcp_var.h tcpip.h tcsendbreak tcsetattr
tcsetpgrp tdelete telldir telnet.h
tempnam termios termios.h tfind
tftp.h time time.h timeb.h
timed.h timegm timelocal times
times.h tmpfile tmpnam toascii
tolower toupper towctrans towlower
towupper tracecntl.h trap.h trunc
truncate truncf truncl tsearch
tty.h ttychars.h ttycom.h ttydefaults.h
ttydev.h ttyent.h ttyname twalk
typedef types.h tzfile.h tzset
ucred.h udp udp.h udp_usrreq_protos.h
udp_var.h uio.h uipc_domain.c uipc_domain_protos.h
uipc_mbuf.c uipc_socket.c uipc_socket2.c uipc_socket2_protos.h
uipc_socket_protos.h ulimit umask umount
un.h uname undocumented ungetc
ungetwc unimplemented union unistd.h
unix_socket.h unlink unlocked_stdio unpcb.h
unsetenv unsigned updwtmp uselib
user.h usergroup.h usergroup_lib.fd usergroup_pragmas.h
usergroup_protos.h usleep ustat utime
utime.h utimes utmp.h utmpname
va_arg va_end va_start valloc
values.h varargs.h variables.src vasprintf
vdprintf versionsort vfork vfprintf
vfscanf vfwprintf vhangup vis.h
vm86 vmparam.h vnode.h vnode_if.h
void volatile vprintf vscanf
vsnprintf vsprintf vsscanf vswprintf
vsyslog vwprintf
wait wait.h wait3 wait4
waitpid wcpcpy wcpncpy wcrtomb
wcscasecmp wcscat wcschr wcscmp
wcscpy wcscspn wcsdup wcslen
wcsncasecmp wcsncat wcsncmp wcsncpy
wcsnlen wcsnrtombs wcspbrk wcsrchr
wcsrtombs wcsspn wcsstr wcstok
wcstombs wcswidth wctob wctomb
wctrans wctype wcwidth while
wmemchr wmemcmp wmemcpy wmemmove
wmemset wprintf write writev
xdr xdr.h xdr_accepted_reply xdr_array
xdr_authunix_parms xdr_bool xdr_bytes xdr_callhdr
xdr_callmsg xdr_char xdr_destroy xdr_double
xdr_enum xdr_float xdr_free xdr_getpos
xdr_inline xdr_int xdr_long xdr_opaque
xdr_opaque_auth xdr_pmap xdr_pmaplist xdr_pointer
xdr_reference xdr_rejected_reply xdr_replymsg xdr_setpos
xdr_short xdr_string xdr_subs.h xdr_u_char
xdr_u_int xdr_u_long xdr_u_short xdr_union
xdr_vector xdr_void xdr_wrapstring xdrmem_create
xdrrec_create xdrrec_endofrecord xdrrec_eof xdrrec_skiprecord
xdrstdio_create xprt_register xprt_unregister
y0 y1 yn yp.x

Logo by Emeric/SH
Site History

Added XML2 group.

AmigaE and AmiSSL (created with "pod4fd2adoc") functions groups added.

Added function groups CyberGFX, CyberGL, BGUI, Miami.
Updated MUI group (+800 entrys!)

Engine on new location.
published with authorization from Lajos Nagy, Thanx Louise!

SDL function group added.

A new version of GCC HardFile uploaded!
Check out the history for details

File Archive opened!

www.i n n o i d e hosting this powerful site now!

2002.08.07 virtual domain presents
Thanx for Ratman/CJ!

New function groups, AHI and
WarpOS added.
Thanx for Rachy!

Minor changes on PHP code.
Search function fixed (just type
the keyword and press ENTER).
Message posters archived.

FreePascal function group added.

MUI Custom classes added, thanx for Desco.

Example program list added.
BlitzBasic functions added.

Picasso96 functions added.
PowerD functions added, thanx for Desco.

Function cache added.
Warp3D functions added.

Look around when a keyword not found
Over 4200 keywords in the database!

Upload history added.
Posts history added.
Forum for all functions added!
AmiTCP v4.3 commands with full
bsdsocket.library and RPC
functions added.
Cross searching in all function

New crosslinker search
engine with a little bit
corrected result
New List Viewer with tables.
AmigaOS group updated with
official NDK3.9.
Crosslinking with includes and
libraries added in AmigaOS and
Geekgadgets groups.

Advanced viewer engine
is working!
All functions in displayed
manual page is crosslinked
Beautifier syntax highlighter
integrated for view example

New logo by Emeric/SH
Site TODO expanded.

Example code upload and
download support added.
News functions like
GeekGadgets (glibc), MUI,
base C keywords added.

Web page and search
engine/structure created
Main functions like
AmigaDOS, AmigaOS added.

Start of development...


- example codes for all
functions (with help of
- more programmer documentation
- links collection for Amiga
developer sites
- e-mail collection of active
Amiga developers
- downloadable compilers
- the site will run on Amiga!
- WEB-based C/Pascal/AmigaE compilers for
m68k code generation!
- AREXX functions help
- BOOPSI gadget and other functions
- ixemul functions help
- libnix functions help
- Miami functions help
- CyberGFX functions help
- CyberGL functions help
- Amiga E functions help
- Rebol functions help
- PowerD functions
- Sonic functions
- your ideas...

Last 15 uploaded Examples:

20071229151342 AmiSSL/X509_STORE_CTX_cleanup
20070708011052 GeekGadgets/getlogin
20060705053954 AmigaOS/OpenWorkbenchObjectA
20050801035639 SDL/SDL_Surface
20050727092732 BlitzBasic/LSL
20050718102843 SDL/SDL_WarpMouse
20050718072844 GeekGadgets/fread
20050714051528 SDL/SDL_ActiveEvent
20050714051514 SDL/SDL_ActiveEvent
20050701171401 GeekGadgets/errno
20050701171347 GeekGadgets/errno
20050627101951 SDL/SDL_FreeSurface
20050623152729 GeekGadgets/fork
20050619153102 GeekGadgets/tcdrain
20050615182849 AmigaOS/OpenScreen

Last 25 posts:

20050613235812 SDL/SDL_SetGammaRamp
20050526065000 AmiTCP/unistd.h
20050413041558 AmiSSL/X509_STORE_set_default_paths
20050409155750 AmigaDOS/Status
20050129230614 MUI/Calendar.mcc
20050128185620 GeekGadgets/hstrerror
20041126154558 BlitzBasic/LoadBank
20041123170704 GeekGadgets/gcvt
20041105222909 AmigaOS/CheckSignal
20040712190839 SDL/SDL_SetVideoMode
20040627090529 SDL/SDL_Init
20040519133228 GeekGadgets/fork
20040407124555 AmigaOS/AllocMem
20040403101120 GeekGadgets/inet_ntoa
20040327172814 GeekGadgets/random
20040327172714 GeekGadgets/srandom
20040313211937 BlitzBasic/ANALYZEDISK
20040303135237 GeekGadgets/mktemp
20040301131355 GeekGadgets/realpath
20040301123615 GeekGadgets/gcvt
20040301114000 GeekGadgets/htonl
20040301100209 GeekGadgets/realpath
20040229095437 GeekGadgets/time
20040211132618 GeekGadgets/getpid
20040209102818 AmigaOS/OpenWindow


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